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I am Natansky. I am a photographer.


I am a photography model, a life model, an art performer, an event maker. To my family I am a mother, a partner, a sister, a daughter. To others I am an employee, a neighbour, a friend, a colleague. To the world I am a consumer, a voter, a profile, an account.

But peel away the labels, shed the cultural roles, strip off the clothing of our society, and I am simply a human being. Naked, just like you. Unique, vulnerable, wonderful and free.

Human beings are my passion. I use photography to celebrate the liberated human form in all its diversity as an object of natural grace and beauty. Without prejudice or boundaries, there is nowhere our unclothed bodies should feel out of place.

I've cycled naked through towns and cities across the UK. I've photographed people, and been photographed myself, nude around our urban streets, high upon famous landmarks and low down in derelict obscurity.

I like real people in real situations, sometimes gritty, occasionally glamorous, but always genuine.

The images on this website contain frank and honest nudity. They are not intended to cause offence or be confrontational. Equally I do not believe the human form should be shuttered away, scorned, sexualised and shamed.

We are complex creatures of infinite variety. Through my photography I try to bring us out into the open, to show us unburdened and alive, with the freedom to express our human nature as nature's humans.


We are all naked. Now is the time to see.



Photo: Self portrait with barbed wire crown

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