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Do you want to be part of a group art nude shoot for PROJECT NAKED?

                                                                                                                                                                Project so far:!blog/ctkd

Please email to

register your interest and provide some basic

details about yourself.


Since starting this website I've received many kind 

messages from people who are keen to be photographed

for my projects. If you are interested in taking part, the

notes below may answer many of your questions.
The basics:
First and most importantly, my projects and my

photography are driven by the desire to create art and

artistic images.Sometimes I refer in my blog to other

social movements or causes that are relevant to the

images, but my aim is not to champion – for example

– naturism, body freedom, sexual freedom or

confrontation. I have no political agenda. I work within

the law.The aim of my photo shoots is to create art – full stop. As a nude model participating in a shoot, you need to understand and respect this.
What you can expect from me:
All participating models will be given digital copies of the images taken during the shoot in which they are involved. There will be no payment of fees or expenses, but you may use the images freely in your own portfolio, website or social media. I ask only that (a) you do not edit the image without my prior permission, and (b) you do not use the image for direct commercial profit without my prior permission. The images will include my copyright.
I will welcome your creative input and ideas before and during the shoot. You will have my full respect for your integrity, dignity and body

image. We will agree the process and poses before the start of the shoot. Most outdoor nude shoots are completed very quickly, in just a few minutes, with models covered at all times except while being photographed.

What I expect from you
Timing can be critical for the type of photo shoots I organise so I will expect you to arrive at the agreed location at the agreed time. For practical reasons, if you do not arrive on time I reserve the right to cancel the shoot without reimbursement of expenses.
Before the shoot begins I will ask you to sign a standard model release and indemnity form. I will be happy to share this ahead of the day if this would be helpful to you.
I will expect you to follow my artistic direction. As your participation will form part of my wider projects, I must insist that we stick to the agreed process and poses, and do not improvise – especially during shoots that involve nudity in public spaces. There must be no purposely offensive or inappropriate behaviour towards me, other models or assistants, or members of the public. Any such behaviour will result in an immediate termination of the shoot without reimbursement of expenses or sharing of images taken prior to that point.

Notwithstanding the above, I expect we'll have a lot of fun and create some great art!


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