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Chapter 1 – January – Holloway Road

It starts at a bus stop on London's Holloway Road. As two people cast away their clothes and prepare to embark on a journey through the landscapes of modern life, we look on and are ready to follow.

My 2015 PROJECT NAKED has begun.

I'll be photographing this duo and others like them, naked and natural, in the midst of real life situations both mundane and extraordinary.

I want to create images that will make the viewer pause and look closely. The narrative will be fluid. Different people will see and feel different things, and that is good.

Do you see a story unfolding? Can you see yourself in these circumstances? Does the presence of nakedness make a difference to its surroundings? Is our perception of our bodies altered by our environment?

2015 PROJECT NAKED will bring ideas to life. You are invited to share our explorations with an open, imaginative mind.

And meanwhile, back on Holloway Road something has happened. Togetherness at the bus shelter has become a parting at the kerbside. Life has changed. In the rawness of deep mid-winter, we have taken off.

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