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2015 PROJECT NAKED Chapter 9 – July – Lava fields

Towards the end of July I jetted off with the family for some relaxation on Lanzarote.

I'd been so busy in the run-up to this much-needed break that I hadn't even completed my monthly instalment of 2015 PROJECT NAKED. I couldn't bear to miss a month so there was only one thing to do: continue on the island.

This meant the model would have to be either my husband, Matt, or me. Whilst Matt has been great in supporting the project, he's never been desperately keen to pose naked for it. Thus, it was my turn at last to step in front of the camera.

We didn't have to venture far to find a suitable location as most of the island is covered with rugged lava rocks with dramatic backdrops. We loved the desolate landscapes and volcanic beauty of the place. It's mostly deserted, little is able to live in the harsh interior, and only the occasional brave hiker passes by.

We were blessed with brilliant sunlight but also very strong winds. One powerful gust even toppled my tripod and did a bit of damage to the camera. Fortunately it fell backwards, not forwards. After we'd fixed the locations, I asked Matt to act out the shots while I selected camera settings that would give the results I wanted.

When we swapped positions I untied my hair and left it free to be blown about. I felt the wind could greatly enhance the shots so I tried to capture it best effect. Matt pressed the button and together we got some images that I'm really happy with.

I'd been wondering how I might feature in my own project; Lanzarote gave me the perfect excuse. I feel it's brought me full circle, re-connecting me with 2015 PROJECT NAKED, and have returned to the UK with a new energy for the shoots ahead.

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