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2015 PROJECT NAKED Chapter 14 – November – Canary Wharf in mist

This was another of my opportunist photo shoots, arranged with just a short window of time available. I'd been contacted by Craig, a life model from Australia, who was keen to participate in 2015 PROJECT NAKED. He was coming back to England – the country of his birth – and asked if he could take part whilst here.

Initially I wasn't sure whether I would be able to fit him in between commitments to my kids and my job. The first plan was to meet at an early hour on Sunday 1 November, but this fell through as the trains weren't running before I was due to start work. Instead we took a chance and met later that afternoon, whilst there was still just enough light.

The risk was that we would be shooting around the Canary Wharf area of London, where CCTV and a private security force operate across the estate. High visibility of Craig's nakedness might have landed us a lot of unwanted attention, but instead we found ourselves concealed unexpectedly by a very heavy mist.

This was really cool, but it defeated my intention of having the docklands towers in the background. Nonetheless, we got some shots that I'm happy with and that remain true to the ethos of 2015 PROJECT NAKED. I will return to Canary Wharf one day in clearer conditions to realise my original vision.

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