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2015 PROJECT NAKED Chapter 12 – October – Greenwich sunrise

After three months in which I've either been my own subject or worked with large groups of nude volunteers, it was time for a return to working with a solo model.

In the brisk chill of a beautiful cloudless October morning, I wandered through Greenwich Park with my friend Sarah. We wanted to capture the warming glow of delicate dawn light breaking on Sarah's skin. Together we sought the best locations to do it justice.

Covering 183 acres, the park afforded us plenty of choices; some hidden away in nature, others more exposed but with iconic city skylines as backdrop. Testing the conditions, we took a few shots with shadowy trees and the sun itself rising directly behind Sarah.

The most compelling views in Greenwich Park were from higher ground, framing the classical architecture of the National Martime Museum and Naval College before the mercantile modernity of Canary Wharf's towering skyscrapers.

Against these vast, sprawling buildings, one person alone may seem small and lost. Yet the naked human body is a wonderful, powerful thing. Sarah shined magnificently in front of London's landscapes, radiating the very essence of 2015:PROJECT NAKED.

Sarah: I have worked for the Borough of Greenwich for more than 30 years, my second home; growing to love it's architectural beauty and open spaces. My favourite of these, for it's sense of history, peace and amazing views has to be Greenwich Park. It was a natural choice for me to meet Natasha there, with the evolving cityscape of London as backdrop as the sun came up to greet us. I am bursting with pride and joy to be part of Project Naked 2015!

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