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2015 PROJECT NAKED Chapter 13 – October – The Rising Tide

“The first London commission of world-renowned underwater sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, The Rising Tide, is concealed and revealed by the daily ebb and flow of the tide on Vauxhall foreshore. These four proud horses and their riders highlight the role of the Thames as the lifeblood of London, shaping the city's great history as an ever evolving centre for culture, industry and commerce.”

My friend Camila used to visit these graceful creatures during their period of installation, from 2-30 September 2015, to find peace and tranquility after a hard day's work. By chance she met Jason on the day his sculptures were due to be removed, and learned from him that their stay had been extended for one more week.

Camila suggested I bring 2015 PROJECT NAKED to the site before the opportunity was lost forever. Another friend, Gil, worked out that Thursday 8 October would offer the most favourable tide times for an early morning shoot. Together the three of us arranged to meet at 4am near the Albert Embankment.

There was no natural light; just two natural bodies on the cold shore of the river amid four ghostly monuments. I always try to work quickly during nude shoots in urban settings, but never before had time been of the essence like this.

With this low tide a barge was already docked and waiting to winch the horses from the river and spirit them away from London to their next destination.

The suited rider looked on nonchalantly...

The Rising Tide has been and gone but 2015 PROJECT NAKED continues; sometimes meticulously planned, at other times entirely opportunistic. It's what keeps life interesting. There's no knowing exactly where the next nude bodies might appear.

Ghosts on the Thames shoreline

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