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2015 PROJECT NAKED: Chapter 15 Copenhagen - Full circle

For the last Project naked of the year the first Scandinavian shoot, in Copenhagen - a place so accepting of nudity that it’s legal and accepted on almost all public beaches. I was immediately struck by the relaxed attitde and open mindedness of the Danes.

As our plane landed the night before the shoot, the first of the years snow came down with us - perhaps the gods knew I had a naked photo shoot planned.

By the following morning the snow had eased and begun to melt on the ground but the temperature remained very cold! The 3 models were Mike, who had flown in from England, Sara and Ted (who had been recruited at the last minute by Sara), who came across the bridge from Sweden.

My first idea had been to shoot something in Tivoli Gardens, the funfair in the centre of Copenhagen

but unfortunately it remained closed at the time we shot and possibly better suited to a summer time shoot. Having looked around the area I had spotted a bus stop at the back of the train station that was ideal. Why not end the year of PROJECT NAKED 2015 as it started - with a bus stop and a road!

After the bus stop we moved into the station itself and unexpectedly found a very accommodating restaurant for a bonus shoot - the cool and easy going staff allowing us to shoot inside.

Denmark was fantastic, and I hope to return soon under warmer conditions.

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