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2015: PROJECT NAKED - Chapter 2

2015 : Project naked - chapter 2


A monument to Britain's greatest freedom fighter stands in the heart of London, at the north side of Westminster Bridge.

The strong, defiant stance of Thomas Thornycroft's Boudicca - Queen of the Iceni who led her people against Roman invaders - is an inspiration to me. I had to incorporate it into my photographic work.

Freedoms Boudicca suffered, fought and died for are ones that today perhaps we take for granted. Other freedoms, however, such as rights to free speech, self-expression, protest and nudity in public, are less certain.


Model Lee and I visited the monument one crisp February morning for a photo shoot that would pay homage to Boudicca while testing those freedoms. With care not to damage or disrespect the statue, naked Lee deftly ascended the queen's chariot and horse.

We worked quickly beneath flawless blue skies. Lee's poses projected a bold exhilaration of human spirit, undaunted by the Houses of Parliament that loomed large beside us. The result was a powerful set of images that pleased us both.

Incidentally, it wasn't the first time we'd been nude here. You too can exercise your rights to free speech, self-expression, protest and nudity in public by joining the London Naked Bike Ride, which crosses Westminster Bridge under Boudicca's gaze each year.

I like to think she would have approved.


Interested in London naked bike ride? Read Steves blog:

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